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Tiled Porcelain Shower

Custom Tiled Showers 

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Old Shower

Step 1

The first step is demo. If we are building a new shower in place of an old one, we will demolish and dispose of the old shower including all of the old tiles, glass, backerboard, old faucet and fixture, as well as anything else that needs to be removed. Once demo is completed and we assess the framing (ensuring there is no water damage), we proceed with roughing in the new new shower fixture mixing valve. The image on the left shows the old shower just prior to being removed.

Step 2

Shower plumbing rough-in

The second step is the plumbing rough-in. At this stage we will position the new mixing valve, as well as add the necessary elbows for the shower head(s) as required. Some shower systems offer multiple functions, with rain heads, hand held sprayers, and even body sprayers. We carefully position and then test all of the functions to ensure that the supply side of the assembly is water-tight. At this time, we will also adjust or relocate the position of the drain as necessary.

Step 3

Shower Waterproofing

The third step of the process is the installation of the waterproof backerboard, as well as the construction of the sloped shower base and waterproofing membrane. Once this step is completed, the entire assembly of the shower is completely waterproof. We pay careful attention to waterproofing around the mixing valve and shower head locations, while ensuring that the waterproofing continues above the shower head. Once the waterproofing is dry, we perform a leak test on the shower base by plugging the drain and filling the base with water. We let it sit overnight and measure the level the next day to verify that the base is watertight and suitable for tile.

Step 4

New shower tile being installed

The fourth step of the shower construction involves setting the tile. We will measure and test fit the tiles depending on the size of the tile as well as the pattern that the customer would like. If there are any niches, we will also tile those. Niches are typically tiled with an accent mosaic or a contrasting tile to stand out from the rest of the shower. When installing large format tiles, we use a leveling system to ensure that the tiles remain flat throughout the shower. Shower curbing, trim, and edging is carefully cut and installed. Sills are sloped towards the shower pan to eliminate any issues with standing water. 

Step 5

Finished basement shower

The fifth and final step involves all of the finishing touches. After all of the tile is installed, we will grout the tile with a quality mold resistant, colour consistent grout and caulk changes of plane as required. At this time, we also install the shower faucet trim kit (trim plates, shower heads, shower control) and prepare for the installation of the custom shower glass. Once the finishing touches are wrapped up, the shower is ready for use by the homeowner. 

Tiled Shower Gallery

Check out our video walk-through of this brand new tiled shower. The homeowner selected beautiful tile and a stylish shower faucet with a luxury rain head. 

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