5 Things Your New Kitchen Must Have

Remodeled kitchen

It is not everyday that you renovate your kitchen, and so when you do in fact embark on a renovation you should be aware of some new features that your kitchen MUST have! These features are by no means the only things you should try to integrate into your new kitchen design, but they should be seriously considered by every homeowner out there.

1) Large Format Tile

Although some homeowners opt for hardwood flooring in their kitchen (which can be a good choice, depending on the circumstances), the other option, if doing a full scale demolition and remodel, is opting for a brand new tiled kitchen floor. A large format tile is defined by the TCNA (Tile Council of North America) as a tile which has a length of greater than 15 inches on any one side. Today, you might find that 18x18 and 12x24 and even 24x24 tiles are the norm. These tiles are much larger than the common 12x12 square floor tiles you may be used to seeing in many h