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Talk To Your General Contractor About Ajax Bathroom Renovations

Incorporated as a Town in 1955, Ajax has seen some tremendous growth over the past 60+ years. With the booming expansion of Durham Region over the last twenty years, Ajax, ON has become quite a desirable area in which to own a detached home. Given the current real estate market and somewhat obscene pricing trends in real estate throughout Toronto, prospective home buyers have set their sights eastward with the hopes of getting more value for their dollar. Whereas for many people a single family detached home would be unattainable in Toronto, Markham, parts of Scarborough or even Pickering, the pricing in Ajax is more bearable. Although dropping the anchor in Ajax means having to bear a longer commute to the office downtown and the frustration of 401 bumper to bumper traffic, it brings with it the main benefit of being able to have enough space in a home to raise a family. It means having a driveway for your vehicle, probably a garage, a real backyard (even if it may be a small one), and even a second floor with three or four bedrooms. Ultimately, owning a detached home (or even a semi-detached one) in Ajax brings with it the realities of home ownership in general, ranging from basic maintenance to cosmetic upgrades, minor interior renovations, and even full scale remodeling. As a new or recent Ajax homeowner, you may be looking to renovate or upgrade to suit your taste or increase value. This is a fantastic idea - Tremendous Tile Installations Inc. is here to help you along the way! Read on to understand how an Ajax renovation contractor can help guide you through your journey. This topic will be on:

Bathroom Renovations Ajax, ON

If you own a home in Ajax, ON, then it is very likely that it may have been built in the 80's or 90's. Homes that are approaching 20 and 30 years old often have great bones, but are most certainly going to be lacking in modern finishes, design features, and amenities. The reason bathroom renovations are number one on our list of renovation upgrades for Ajax homes is because they so often require attention at or even before the twenty year mark of the age of a house. If your Ajax house was built back in the 1990's and the bathrooms are still original, you are probably missing out on current design trends and features, not to mention that beautiful new clean feeling that a fully remodeled bathroom brings. In addition to this, your bathroom may need attention for numerous other factors, including water leaks, bathroom mold, shower leaks, toilet malfunctions, and cracked tiles and grout. It's no secret that many home builders work quickly and cheaply, even if their promotional and marketing material may state otherwise. A typical builder's grade bathroom that is approaching 20 years in age is at the very least outdated in terms of design, but may at this point in its life have developed other problems due to regular use and lack of maintenance. This is especially true if you are not the original owner and may be unsure of how the home was maintained prior to purchase. If this happens to be the case, you should consult an Ajax renovation contractor to discuss your remodeling project.

The good news is that owning a home in this age range presents you with a unique opportunity to take advantage of the current crop of bathroom renovation products that are on the market, including water efficient fixtures, toilets, and faucets to cut down on your water bill while increasing comfort. If you still have that old toilet that requires you to jiggle the handle to flush then you may also be flushing your money away in addition to wasting water. Current one piece toilets from Kohler, Toto, American Standard, and other manufacturers offer much higher efficiency, better flushes, and modern looks that older two piece toilets just can't compete with. Any bathroom renovation will surely involve tossing that older toilet out the door and into the trash.

Another unfortunate feature of older homes is that awful green bathtub. While it served its purpose admirably, there are other options available to you, depending on your needs. Often times homeowners will convert an old bathtub to a walk-in shower to add convenience and space. A tiled walk in shower is a big improvement over a simple shower unit with a bath tub, especially in situations where the tub portion would be seldom used because another one is available in a different bathroom in the home. Gutting that builders grade bathroom at a minimum should consist of flooring replacement, a new tiled floor (go with a heated floor if your budget permits), a tiled walk-in shower, new vanity, toilet, faucet and sink, among other things. If your bathroom did not have an exhaust fan you would be wise to add one when you renovate - a high quality bathroom exhaust fan will aid in expelling moisture, which is better not only for your health, but also for your enjoyment of the space. Nobody likes getting out of the shower to a foggy mirror!

Walking the fine line between form and function is a matter than your general contractor can assist you with in your Ajax bathroom renovation. For example, a floating vanity might be one of your top "wants" in your bathroom renovation, but the plumbing almost certainly will have to be adjusted to allow for this. This means that the wall needs to be opened up and drain pipes and supply lines relocated, necessitating extra costs. Your budget may not cover this "want" and instead would be better spent on a higher quality toilet, as an example, with a more basic, traditional vanity. Another example of managing your expectations and keeping within your budget could be on your flooring choice. You may desire a heated marble floor, for instance, but this is significantly more costly than a basic porcelain tile installation that can look just as stunning. A professional Ajax renovation contractor will be able to help you allocate your budget so that you get the most value for your money when you undertake your Ajax bathroom renovation.

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