Consider Renovating Your Pickering Home Rather Than Moving

Before you decide to dive into an expensive move, you really should consider a renovation of your Pickering home instead. There are a few very solid reasons for this that you may not have thought about.

You may want to move out of your Pickering home simply because you desire more square footage. Although this is an understandable goal, you should first consider what could be done inside your current home to gain more usable square footage and space. Often times it is the illusion of more space that will satisfy our want, rather than any actual measurable gain. A Pickering home renovation could aid in contributing to this feeling of space. How many times have you walked into somebody else's house and remarked at how large and open it is compared to your own? Would you be surprised to find that the actual square footage of their home is similar to yours? If this is the case, you may simply want to think about what improvements you can make to your current home before losing equity in a sale to real estate fees, sales commissions, home inspections, and other costs associated with moving. If you stay in your home, you can instantly avoid all of these costs and instead increase value and utility for you and your family by simply renovating your home in Pickering.

1) De-Clutter and Clean Up