Where To Buy Ceramic Tiles In Durham Region?

This is certainly a question that many homeowners ask me who live in Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, and other localities within The Durham Region.

Surprisingly, many of these people are not aware of the large number of tile shops in the Durham Region. You'd really be surprised as to what you can pick up locally for a reasonable price versus travelling downtown to some of the bigger showrooms.

Plus, when you shop locally at a smaller tile retailer, there are some distinct benefits that you get to reap:

If the vendor has to order in your material, you don't have very far to drive to pick it up. Furthermore, you're much more likely to be remembered by the salesperson at the shop rather than by the numerous staff running the order desk at a larger outlet, who likely deal with hundreds of different customers every day.

Even though the smaller shops might not carry huge stock, many still have excellent selection with great customer service. For Ajax customers in search of tile for their renovation project, Ceramic Tile Zone south of Bayly Street and off of Westney Rd. is an excellent place to start looking. They have plenty of different products to choose from, a host of installation and setting materials, and excellent customer service with very reasonable pricing. Customers of mine have shopped there in the past and have found floor and wall tiles that suit their needs. If you live in Ajax, this is really a fantastic shop to check out.