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Where To Buy Ceramic Tiles In Durham Region?

This is certainly a question that many homeowners ask me who live in Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, and other localities within The Durham Region.

Surprisingly, many of these people are not aware of the large number of tile shops in the Durham Region. You'd really be surprised as to what you can pick up locally for a reasonable price versus travelling downtown to some of the bigger showrooms.

Plus, when you shop locally at a smaller tile retailer, there are some distinct benefits that you get to reap:

If the vendor has to order in your material, you don't have very far to drive to pick it up. Furthermore, you're much more likely to be remembered by the salesperson at the shop rather than by the numerous staff running the order desk at a larger outlet, who likely deal with hundreds of different customers every day.

Even though the smaller shops might not carry huge stock, many still have excellent selection with great customer service. For Ajax customers in search of tile for their renovation project, Ceramic Tile Zone south of Bayly Street and off of Westney Rd. is an excellent place to start looking. They have plenty of different products to choose from, a host of installation and setting materials, and excellent customer service with very reasonable pricing. Customers of mine have shopped there in the past and have found floor and wall tiles that suit their needs. If you live in Ajax, this is really a fantastic shop to check out.

If you are located in Pickering, another great place to check out is The Tile House. Conveniently located just off of Kingston road, this tile shop is actually quite large and has plenty of selection that is in stock. They also have sales regularly - perfect for shoppers looking for big value.

If you are located in Scarborough, one other place to look would be The Tile Shoppe. They have a convenient location on Kennedy Rd. in Scarborough, and are well stocked with plenty of discount items. If you are looking for a unique backsplash mosaic, floor tile for a bathroom, or just browsing, you would certainly do well to stop in at The Tile Shoppe. Sometimes when you are just browsing you see something that catches your eye and would be very well integrated into that renovation project you have planned.

If you are located in Whitby or Oshawa, a good place to stop by would be Ritson Tile. Not only do they offer a great selection of ceramics and porcelain tile, but they also have carpet and hardwood flooring. If you are looking for both tile and hardwood, this might be a good opportunity as you can coordinate design options all within one showroom, under one roof.

Of course, there are other options altogether. If you've had a great experience at another shop in the Durham Region, let us know. We always want to make sure that homeowners shopping for tile have a great experience and find products that suit their needs. If you need a recommendation or are just curious about the process of shopping for tile, contact us today and we'd me more than happy to assist you. Tremendous Tile Installations Inc. has great relationships with a number of key tile suppliers - we want to make sure that you are well taken care of when you shop for tile and are able to find high quality products that suit your needs.

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