Attention Toronto Tile Installers: Thinset Coverage Matters!

Tile installation methods matter! Thinset coverage can make or break an installation - If your tile installer is using the wrong type of trowel, or the wrong type of thinset, you risk having an installation that will fail prematurely. You need a Toronto tile installation specialist who will do it right!

Tile needs to be properly supported or it will crack. When an installer or renovator tries to save time by not back buttering every floor tile (turning the tile over and skimming it with a coat of mortar before placing it in the bed of troweled thinset on the floor), the coverage may not be adequate. That is to say, portions of the tile underneath may not actually make contact with thinset, leaving voids and air pockets. Over time, this can affect the durability of the tile installation, resulting in tiles cracking, lifting, or more easily shattering if something heavy is dropped. If you think about the price that a renovation job costs - say for your bathroom or kitchen, be careful of selecting the contractor promising the lowest price. There are many corners to be cut in order to save money and time - and you certainly do not want to have these people in your home using these tactics.

A Few things to note to make sure your floor tile install