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Kitchen And Bathroom Renovations In Whitby, ON

Remodeled Bathroom with Quartz Countertop

If you're a homeowner in the Durham Region, there is never a bad time to hire a professional renovation contractor to improve your living space. Here's Why:

1) Quality Remodeling Always Adds Value And Enjoyment

You may not have any plans to sell your home either today or in the future, but it never hurts to build value. Think about all the things you spend money on every day: electronics, car repairs, media subscriptions, take-out, clothing, etc. How many of these expenditures actually build value? The moment you drive that new car off the lot, the value plummets. Clothing and shoes can be expensive up front, but they don't make you any money sitting in a closet collecting dust. Electronics are going out of date constantly, and that's if your device even lasts long enough to warrant replacement for simply being stale.

A quality remodel of your home may be expensive, but it's actually an expense that will increase the value of your primary asset over the long haul. A quality remodel of your main or master bathroom costs money up front, but it pays off by driving the value of your home up. Buying an expensive television set doesn't do that at all. One might argue that these monetary increases in value mean little to the homeowner who has no plans other than to stay put, but that argument leaves out entirely the enjoyment that can be had from remodeling a space.

Ripping out and remodeling an old bathroom to update its design, provide additional functionality, or some combination of both is likely something you're doing because it will make you happier over the long haul. Updating your house with a quality bathroom renovation will improve your happiness and health in the long term with the side benefit of making your home stand out from the rest.

2) Quality Remodeling Can Be Affordable

It's not always the case that you have to spend an arm and a leg to spruce up your space. While it's certainly true that kitchen and bathroom renovations require a substantial budget, it is also true that you can target certain priority areas of your home to give you a big visual boost in a relatively affordable way. Changing paint colours and building feature walls comes to mind. Hinges and door hardware can be changed throughout the home to give a substantial visual improvement for relatively little money. There are all kinds of different tile and stone materials that can be used to turn an ordinary and plain entryway into a more inviting or modern space, for instance, simply by installing stone or tile halfway up a highly visible wall. Talk to your Whitby remodeling contractor about how you can implement affordable solutions for your home today.

3) Whitby Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Pay Off

If you own a home in Whitby, Ontario (or in the surrounding Durham Region), there's a good chance that you may be in an older home that is in need of substantial updating. This becomes quite obvious when homes reach the 10 or 15 year old mark, and even more obvious after that. Builder grade materials were not designed or manufactured to last forever - actually, the case is indeed the opposite. Many builders wanted to get the job done cheaply and quickly and this can certainly have a negative effect on the longevity of your bathroom or kitchen.

When most people talk about spaces in their home that need attention, they are very likely to focus on the kitchen and bathrooms. This is no accident - these spaces are used on a regular basis by you and your family and they take plenty of wear and tear. You probably want to ensure that

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