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Make smart use of lighting in your next bathroom renovation

Recessed LED light fixtures offer plenty of versatility for your next remodeling project. A simple bathroom renovation project may involve the replacement of an existing fixture, while others may involve the addition of a number of ceiling pot lights for added brightness.

There are other ways that lighting can be used in a bathroom renovation that can be quite a bit more complicated but stunning in terms of the result. A recent bathroom we renovated incorporated indirect lighting throughout to create a thoroughly modern ambiance. The spa bathroom featured a floating vanity, floating benches (one inside and one outside of the shower), 2 niches, and a corner nook for hanging robes. All of these spaces created the opportunity for strategic deployment of LED light fixtures to improve the look and add a unique design feature.

To make all of this lighting possible, we utilized a total of eight shallow mount (1/2 inch in depth) waterproof LED pot lights that were 3 inches in diameter. This allowed us to easily add these lights were it would otherwise not have been practical if standard depth fixtures had been used (at the bottom of the floating vanity for example, where a standard fixture would have hindered the operation of the bottom drawer).

Of course, as this was a bathroom with a large shower, all of these hidden light fixtures were rated for wet areas. This ensures a safe, building code compliant installation that will last for years to come. If you are interested in taking your next renovation project to the next level, you should really take some time to consider how the smart use of lighting elements can greatly improve the design.

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