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Durham Region Bathroom Design: The Importance of 3D Renderings

An important part of the renovation process is narrowing down your design preferences prior to actually starting the work. At Tremendous Renovations we always work with our customers in a collaborative fashion to understand needs and wants, which we will then use to help create a full 3d design of the space in mind.

The purpose of this design consultation is to give you a better idea of how your new bathroom will actually look when completed. This becomes even more important on larger, more complex projects where layout changes are being proposed, but can be just as useful when contemplating something as simple as a change in paint colour.

Have a look through some of our 3d renderings below - we are able to get very detailed and can adjust everything from cabinet design and hardware to tile and fixtures. In one case the customer wanted to get an idea of how a mosaic accent strip would look in a new shower design, and we were able to help them visualize their design choice.

Of course, our 3d design expertise is not just limited to bathrooms, but is also extremely useful in planning for some of the other services we offer, including kitchens, basements, decks, and other interior renovations.

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