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Ditch The Water Closet

Water closets were a fad that were often builder installed in the master bathroom of many homes, most common 20-30 years ago. We've found many customers renovating their bathrooms preferred to remove these closets because they take up too much space. For most people, the water closet is just a bathroom within a bathroom. A water closet, if desired, is usually best when implemented only in the most spacious of bathrooms found in very large homes.

Removing the water closet frees up space for other things, like a larger vanity or shower. Keep in mind that the framed walls of the water closet take up valuable floor space as does the swing radius of the door. Eliminating these elements can help to make the overall bathroom feel surprisingly spacious.

Attached are pictures (before & after) of bathroom renovations we did where the homeowners had water closets and ended up removing them (the toilet locations were also changed). Overall bathroom dimensions were 8'x13'. In both renovations, the homeowners were thrilled at the space they gained by having us remove the closets.


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