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Exterior Lighting Can Add Instant Curb Appeal

How your house looks at night can be just as important as how it looks during the day, if you have a lighting solution that accents the architecture of the home correctly. Proper exterior lighting also acts as a passive security feature, illuminating entryways, backyards, and dark walkways.

With Smart Switches, you can very easily set up a lighting schedule that operates LED lighting and saves energy. That way, you don't have to worry about manually controlling your exterior lighting, and you can simply let it do its job. As an example, for the home you see here in these pictures, we configured the lighting to turn on approximately half an hour before sunset, and turn off at around 12:30 AM. Because we used dimmable LED fixtures everywhere, we were also able to turn down the lighting output to avoid glare and overly bright output.

When done correctly, architectural lighting offers a number of important benefits. Undoubtedly, many homeowners are now focused on the interior of their living spaces, but it can pay dividends to spruce up the exterior as well.

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