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Home Renovation Company, Whitby ON

Home Renovation Company in Whitby, ON

Tremendous Renovations Inc. is a full service home renovation company operating in The Durham Region. Because we specialize in residential remodeling, we have the expertise to properly assess your needs and design objectives in order to create effective solutions. Be sure to check out our portfolio of finished projects, and even our video tours, to get some renovation ideas for your space! A Whitby Renovation Company can help ensure that your remodeling project is completed in a professional and timely manner. If you are a Whitby homeowner concerned about quality and excellent service in your next renovation, contact Tremendous Renovations Inc. today! Whether it's a Whitby deck, bathroom, kitchen, basement, or whole home renovatio, we look forward to discussing your next big home improvement project with you.

Whitby Bathroom Renovations

Outdated bathrooms in Whitby present homeowners with a great opportunity to remodel. 

Whether you have a visually outdated bathroom, are looking to add additional features like a heated tile floor, or would like to change the plumbing layout of your bathroom, Tremendous Renovations Inc. can definitely assist you, as we have completed a number of Whitby Bathroom Renovations.

We offer everything from complete bathroom remodeling, to professional bathroom design services, and we take good care of your home during the process. Modern building materials allow us to offer highly functional and visually appealing solutions, including mold-free tiled showers, heated tile floors, custom cabinets, and more!

Our team of experts are highly experienced in the process of renovating your bathroom. From protecting your home, to demolition, removal, rough in, and completion, we make the process stress free for you. Our highly skilled plumbing, electrical, and tile setting professionals will make your space functional, durable, and beautiful. Be sure to check out our portfolio of completed bathroom renovations; you might get some ideas for your space! 

Kitchen Renovations In Whitby, ON

Whitby Kitchen Renovations can add significant value to your home and increase the visual appeal, durability, and useability of your home.

Tremendous Renovations Inc. specializes in Whitby Kitchen Renovations and can take care of the renovation process from start to finish. Check out our Kitchen Renovation information page on our website or view our portfolio of completed projects.

Custom kitchen cabinets and new layouts offer Whitby homeowners with a number of unique options to reimagine their home. If your current kitchen layout just isn't working for your family you may also be considering changing the layout of your main floor. This is where home renovation design services can help you visualize your new space, prior to renovating. A load bearing wall removal can open up the interior of your home and provide the illusion of more space than there actually is. Whole Home Renovations, in addition to kitchen renovations, can provide your family with a far more comfortable and appealing living space.

The desire for additional living space for your growing family might have you contemplating finishing or renovating the basement of your home. 

Tremendous Renovations Inc. specializes in Whitby Basement Renovations and Finishing and can complete your basement renovation project from start to finish. The first step in the process is the design, where we will meet with you to discuss your needs and desires. Once we design your new basement, the project commences and we start with any necessary demo, insulation, and electrical/plumbing rough in prior to drywall installation and finishing.

Whether you are looking to add additional space, create a future rental unit or in-law suite, a qualified basement renovation contractor can help. Additions like basement walk-outs can create additional cashflow opportunities or simply give you the opportunity to care for a loved-one who needs help to age-in-place. Or, you may be interested in a den, media room, home gym, kitchen, or luxurious spa bathroom in your new basement. Whatever the case may be, Tremendous Renovations Inc. has the expertise to construct your new dream basement from scratch.

Our Home Renovation Services in Whitby, ON Include:

A Whitby Bathroom Renovation

Ensuite Bathroom Whitby

Our Whitby, ON Service Area

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