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Whole Home Renovations

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Whole Home Renovations

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A skillfully executed, high quality full home renovation is an investment seriously worth considering, especially if you live in an older home that is overdue for updating. A quality home renovation offers many benefits to the homeowner, beyond just increasing the dollar value of the property. For example, a full home renovation allows you to fully customize your living space to suit your tastes. Moreover, when you invest in a full home renovation you are able to create a design theme that will flow throughout the living space, as opposed to renovating different rooms separately. Tremendous Renovations Inc. is a home remodeling company that can help with your whole home renovation.

Considerations For Your Whole Home Renovation

A More Cohesive Design

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with renovating your home room by room, when you commit to completing a full home renovation there are some significant advantages in terms of your ability to achieve a unified overall look throughout the home. The design can be created to implement a more natural flow of materials and textures throughout, and you will be able to achieve a more harmonious living space than would otherwise be possible in a typical room-by-room renovation project.

One huge benefit of completing a full home renovation project all at once is the ability to acquire an adequate quantity of the necessary materials. For example, if you plan on installing hardwood flooring in just one room at one time and hope that you can end up matching it years later, you may be in for a disappointed. Even if you can match the same product at a later date, you will still end up with variations in the finish due to different dye lots and manufacturing process changes. When you renovate all at once, you do not need to worry about this at all.

Budget & Efficiency

While it is true that renovating your entire home all at once will cost more initially, you should also consider the savings in doing so as opposed to renovating rooms separately over time. When a contractor creates a plan for your renovation project, they look at a number of different items to help stick to your budget. Specifically, there are certain costs to be accounted for. However, these costs can actually be lower if you are renovating multiple rooms at the same time.


Consider, for example, that renovating two bathrooms at once will yield some savings in terms of sub-trade costs due to the fact that less trips are required to and from the job site. If a plumbing company must complete a rough in and finishing for two bathrooms that are being renovated simultaneously, then that would likely consist of two separate trips to the site. However, if these bathrooms were renovated separately, the invoice from the plumber would reflect the fact that more trips (likely four) were needed to finish the necessary work. Because trades are highly specialized, plumbers and electricians typically bill for a full day rate, even if they are only on site for a few hours.

Here Are Some Beautiful Home Renovations We Have Completed

Why Choose Tremendous Renovations Inc. For Your Renovation?

When you choose to renovate your home with Tremendous Renovations Inc., rest assured that you are partnering with an experienced and qualified home renovation contractor. We take pride in the quality of our work and the high level of service that we provide. We strive to offer all of our clients the absolute best home renovation service In The Durham Region. Please have a look at our portfolio of finished projects to see how a quality home renovation can drastically improve the appearance and functionality of your home while helping you and your family live a better life. Whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, or whole home renovation, our team will skillfully transform your living space. When we complete your custom home renovation, you will be able to   !


You can visit our testimonials page to read some reviews and get an idea about what our satisfied clients thought about the process when renovating their home with Tremendous Renovations Inc.

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