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Brooklin, ON Home Renovation Company

Home Renovations In Brooklin, ON

Are you searching for a bathroom remodeling company in Brooklin, Ontario? Tremendous Renovations Inc. is a full service contracting company specializing in home improvements, including luxury bathroom renovations for Brooklin homeowners just like you. Please take a look at our portfolio of completed renovation projects which features many photos and job interesting walk-through videos. You'll see that all of our projects are completed with attention for the details, including what lies underneath the surface. This is why a Brooklin renovation contractor is your best bet to have your project completed in a professional, timely, and cost-effective manner. Tremendous Renovations Inc. would love to hear from you if you are a homeowner looking to embark on your next renovation project! If you would like an estimate on your project, please contact us today! 

What Does a Home Renovation In Brooklin, ON include?

Planning & Design: 

  • Determine the scope of work for the bathroom renovation. Is it going to be a full remodel? A simple update of the tile flooring? Determining this in advance allows the project to proceed in a straightforward fashion without any surprises while or delays.

  • What level of finishes do you want? Setting a budget here is necessary, because bathroom fixtures vary greatly in price. A high quality one-piece toilet from a specialty plumbing supply store would cost more than a basic two piece discount toilet at your local big box store. Quality in bathroom fixtures varies greatly, and spending more money up front can actually save you money in the long run.

  • What type of flooring material is being used? Marble or travertine tile requires an extra layer of subflooring to be installed in your bathroom in order to avoid cracking of your tile. If you would like to save money here, a porcelain tile might be a better option. The variety in designs and sizes of porcelain may actually make this a better option over natural stone.

  • What type of bathroom vanity is being selected? A modern floating vanity can give you a streamlined look and make the space appear larger than it actually is, while a more traditional vanity might be better suited to your particular design tastes. Talk to your remodeling contractor about what might suit your needs.  

  • Is plumbing going to be moved or is the layout going to remain the same. If plumbing is going to be relocated, costs increase because of the additional work involved. When you are changing the layout of your bathroom, the services of a qualified plumber are highly recommended. A general contractor will typically have a team of trusted subcontractors who can perform these highly specialized tasks.


  • Are the right materials being used for the job at hand? Since you are investing in your home, the finished product needs to be one that is both durable and beautiful. Floor tiles must be installed over an uncoupling membrane, and not simply a scratch coat. A scratch coat (mesh and mortar) tile installation method means that your tiles may crack and/or delaminate from the substrate. Tremendous Renovations Inc. always uses a high performance tile uncoupling membrane manufactured by Schluter Systems.

  • Is the tub and shower area being properly waterproofed? Waterproofing is to be fully completed before any tile is installed. If your contractor is relying on the tile and caulking to do the waterproofing, they are doing it wrong, and this will result in costly repairs down the road. Whenever we are building a walk-in shower as a part of a bathroom remodel, we will typically use the Kerdi waterproofing membrane.

  • What type of grout is being used? New single component grouts provide ease of maintenance, colour consistency, and do not require sealing. However, they are not suitable for use in all areas. Double check with your contractor on all of these details. Mapei Flexcolor CQ is an example of an excellent tile grout that we like to use on many of our renovation projects. Not only is this grout water repellent and colour consistent, but it also never requires sealing, which reduces maintenance costs.

  • Fixtures are an important part of the functionality of any bathroom. A reputable contractor will ensure a high quality, trouble free installation by doing the following work as a part of your bathroom renovation project:

    • Removal and replacement of old shutoff valves and installation of new, high quality quarter turn ball valves​.

    • Replacement of old supply lines with new flexible stainless steel lines.

    • Installation of a toilet flange raiser if necessary, to ensure a proper seal to the bottom of the toilet if the height of the finished floor will be raised due to the installation of new flooring.

    • Testing and verifying that newly installed fixtures are in proper working order after completion.

  • Paint, trim, carpentry, and other finish materials:

    • Paint should be high quality and rated for use in a bathroom. Low quality paints should be avoided as they can peel and fade prematurely while not being able to withstand regular cleaning​. Tremendous Renovations Inc. uses Sherwin-Williams paints on all of our projects.

    • Do not use MDF trim on a shower curb, as it will quickly develop mold and mildew. Shower curbs should be neatly tiled on all sides. 

    • Are towel bars, racks, and rings being installed properly? These are often an afterthought and we have seen many bathrooms where these are loose and about to fall off the wall. A reputable Whitby renovation contractor will ensure that these accessories are installed properly so that you will have many years of enjoyment in your new bathroom.

Clean - Up & Follow - Up

  • All garbage and waste from the renovation should be properly and safely disposed of

  • Does the contractor follow up with you to ensure customer satisfaction?

    • Any extra issues after the job is complete should be reported promptly, so that your contractor is able to follow up effectively. Check with your contractor to verify warranty information on various products in your bathroom. Generally speaking, quality products that cost more are likely to be backed by a longer comprehensive warranty, which is beneficial to the homeowner.

  • Enjoy the added beauty and comfort of your newly renovated space!

Our Home Renovation Services in Brooklin, ON Include:

What some of our customers say about Tremendous Renovations Inc.

"Slow and steady wins the race. We had previous unpleasant experiences with both hardwood and tile installations at the last home, so the purchase of a resale bungalow in much need of both services created some anguish. A colleague suggested Stefan's comany, and once I checked his website, I had the strongest vibes. 
He shows how it should be done in video and still pictures, and once on site he demonstrated that he followed his own advice to the letter. Not the fastest slapdash methods, but slow and fastidious attention to detail. Baseboards were all carefully removed and subsequently replaced with additional shoe moulding to ensure adequate expansion gaps at the perimeter. "Wood to tile" joints are flush and level with no raised transtion strips to trip over. The entire house was also painted mulitiple coats , and a laundry closet was created with assists from a local plumbing contractor (also good). 
Stefan and I are planning a whole new project to build Murphy Door bookcases into the front of a double closet. Can't wait to see the outcome. I shall definitely be recommending him to everyone."

- Private Reviewer (Whitby, ON)

"This testimonial has been a pleasure to compose. I am so thrilled with the work Stefan and his team did to complete our bathroom renovations. It was a complete gut job that required almost seven weeks to finish, as there were other small jobs that were added to the list along the way. It all began with a very thorough estimate of costs broken down to the smallest details. Given the scope of the work that needed to be done, Stefan arrived on time and worked hard every day, providing us with email updates if I did not see him. When modifications were needed, he consulted with my husband and I, and provided us with some great advice about products and their applications. He was extremely clean and cognizant of the fact that we still had to live there.  He was careful not to cause any damage to surfaces like our hardwood, which he had to travel across to get to the site. He even worked above and beyond to have one of the bathrooms ready in time for an event we were hosting, staying until almost 9:00 pm on a Friday night to make it usable.  The quality of the products he used were top of the line, but still accessible to us financially. He was always kind, patient and helpful no matter what the questions we posed to him were, or the changes we asked him to make along the way. The final product is not only beautiful to live in, but will add much value to our home much further down the road when we decide to sell. I can’t say enough about his workmanship and attention to detail. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him to make our spa bathrooms a dream come true. Not only would I recommend him to others, but I would use him again in a heartbeat for future projects.  He is truly a very talented man who does everything with pride in his workmanship – which can’t be said of many contractors today. Thanks again to Stefan and his team for an outstanding job!"



- Catherine and Gord (Whitby, ON)

Our Brooklin, ON Service Area

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