Warning: Cheap Hardwood May Be Low Quality

Ben Franklin wasn't wrong when he suggested that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. The same line of thinking applies to the purchase of hardwood flooring for your home! Read on to find out why.

Generally speaking, you pay a premium price for a high quality product when it comes to hardwood flooring. Here in the Greater Toronto Area in 2017, that means you are looking at approximately $6 per square foot. Assuming that you have an average sized home (2500 square feet), that might mean that you need to purchase close to one thousand square feet of hardwood to do the upstairs hall and 3 bedrooms, as an example. If you are looking to do the whole house (first and second floor) that could easily end up being well over a thousand square feet of product!

The tendency of shoppers to be attracted to lower pricing is certainly understandable; if you are shopping for 800 square feet of hardwood, as an example, and you find a price of $6 per square foot at one retailer and $3 per square foot at another, you might start to wonder why you would pay double the price. You may even begin to think that the cheaper product would help you to come in under budget and have some money left over to pay for the installation. However, you should consider why the more expensive product may in fact save you money in the long term, and represent a better value for your money.

Cheap hardwood flooring tends to be manufactured overseas (commonly in China) and it is cheap for a reason. Some issues you may have with this flooring include:

1) Too many short boards in every box