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Black Accents Can Look Stunning

Hello there!

It is hard to believe that we are here almost a year after our last posting but we've been quite busy renovating bathrooms and kitchens over the past 12 months. A recent hall bathroom renovation we completed contained some design elements which I felt were worth mentioning here because of the huge impact on the project as a whole.

A recent bathroom that we completed was designed from the outset to incorporate a number of black accent features to make it a unique space. This is the first bathroom that we renovated where the homeowner wanted to use black fixtures and we really took it to the next level by selecting a number of important products to support this design theme.

Everything from the tile edge trim, to the wall light fixture, to the accessory fixtures and faucets used a matte black trim on the hardware. All of our sliding shower door hardware was ordered in the black finish as well! We even custom dipped the chrome toilet handle in a matte black finish to stay consistent and ensure that no detail was overlooked.

Don't underestimate these small details - they add up to something truly special when properly executed!

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