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Custom Cabinetry For Your Master Bathroom

You should consider going with custom cabinetry for your next bathroom renovation.

While there are many great "off-the-shelf" options and pre-packaged deals, when you order a custom cabinet, you can achieve a built-in look and add features that you may find really valuable.

On a recent master bathroom renovation, we had an 84 inch wide opening to work with. The customer was interested in upgrading to a dual sink vanity, and also wanted some extra drawers and storage (pull-out laundry basket). We were able to have a cabinet built to the size that we wanted, including a bump-out in the center section, with all of the features we needed at a competitive price. If the customer had not gone this route, they would have lost the opportunity to have extra storage.

Another benefit of custom cabinetry is that you can configure the cabinet as you wish, and have a separate countertop vendor template and install the top after the cabinet is installed and properly adjusted. This allows for you to achieve a built-in look without having to deal with any gaps at walls, as an example. Also, you'll have more colour and finish options than would likely be provided by purchasing an all-in-one unit. Door size, style, location, width, depth, and height are all adjustable, as are other options like hardware, box material, and drawer construction. You can build to suit your needs.

Think about whether or not a custom cabinet makes sense for your bathroom renovation. Sure, you'll be investing a bit more money, but you'll get more flexibility and design options that might make sense for your space.


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