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Make Your Hardwood New Again By Refinishing

We all know that hardwood flooring looks great in almost any living space and adds big value to your home. If you're like most homeowners, you probably have some type of hardwood flooring in at least one room of your existing home.

Like any product, hardwood does wear over time. The finish layer takes a beating with years of foot traffic, and you might find that your once gleaming hardwood is starting to look faded, dull, or scratched. This type of wear is by no means unusual - everyday life can take a toll on the finish. On our most recent hardwood refinishing project, the original floor was installed and finished over twenty years ago. This is quite a long time for a hardwood floor to have been in continuous use and is certainly a testament to the natural beauty and durability of the product itself.

However, not all hardwood flooring needs to be refinished because it's been beaten up from the toils of daily life. You may have purchased a home with carpeting everywhere that you removed only to reveal a pristine looking hardwood floor. It may be the case that you would like to have the hardwood floor refinished not because of wear or scratches, but because you would like to have it stained a different colour to match your personal design tastes. With the almost limitless range of stain options available, you can certainly work with your contractor to find something you like and update your home.

A good contractor will certainly recommend refinishing your hardwood floor rather than replacing it. Flooring refinishers have specialized equipment to quickly strip off the old finish and stain, bringing your floor right down to bare wood again. Typically, a large and powerful drum sander will be used to strip off the old finish. These sanders are made specifically for the job, and can be difficult to use if you don't have prior experience. Once the floor is completely sanded with the drum sander, the stain can be applied (typically 1-2 coats, depending on the application). After the floors are stained and left to dry as per the manufacturer's recommendations, the finish can be applied.

You have a few options for your floor finish. You can go with a satin, semi-gloss, or gloss finish. These three options can give totally different looks depending on what your objectives are. A gloss finish will give a brilliant shine that reflects light beautifully, but if you have a large family or multiple pets you should be aware that scratches show most easily with this type of finish. For this reason, you might want to consider a semi-gloss or satin finish instead. There are also variations in the base of finish that can be selected. Oil and water based finishes are available, and each have their own pros and cons. Talk to your flooring contractor about what might be best for your home. You can also visit to take a look at some of the stains and finishing products that are available for hardwood floor finishing in your home or business.

As always - improvements to your home done properly and professionally should be considered a wise investment. Is it finally time to refinish that old floor of yours?

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