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Consider a freestanding tub for your bathroom renovation

Freestanding tub

On a recent renovation project of ours the homeowner wanted a new freestanding tub and faucet installed. When we looked at the tub once it was installed, we felt that it was a worthy addition to the new bathroom. If you're lucky enough to have a larger bathroom that can comfortably handle the size of a freestanding tub, you may want to seriously consider having one installed as a part of your bathroom renovation.

Unlike bulky tubs of old that were often built into a cumbersome tub deck (the framed and finished space and/or step) around the tub, new freestanding tubs are designed so that they stand just as their name describes, without the need for any additional surrounding support. There are a number of advantages to this style of tub, and if properly implemented, you will end up with a beautiful showpiece for your new bathroom.

A large freestanding tub in the right location will greatly enhance your new bathroom. As they have increased in popularity in recent years, more options are available and they are also more affordable. Because a freestanding tub is fully finished on all sides, you will also have more flexibility in terms of placement. If you wanted to, you could have a freestanding tub positioned right in the middle of the room, which is something that would not be possible with a drop-in style bathtub.

The visual statement alone that a freestanding tub can make will likely be its biggest asset. The right tub will certainly make a very strong visual statement in your new space, which is exactly what you want if you are looking to remodel your bathroom. Finish your new bathroom off with a freestanding bathtub.

Freestanding bathtub

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