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Heated Tile Flooring Is Well Worth It!

A great feature that is well worth the additional cost is heated flooring. Tile is a great product for so many reasons and certainly has its place in a bathroom or kitchen, but one of the few complaints with it is that it can feel cold under bare foot, especially during the winter season. A great way of adding a layer of comfort in your next renovation project involving tile would be to look at adding a heated floor.

One of the best systems for heating tile is Ditra Heat by Schluter Systems. This is a fully integrated product that includes one of the best warranties in the industry. With the recent introduction of a new line of touch screen wi-fi enabled thermostats, convenience in operation is fully achieved.

One problem with some other tile heating systems is the issue of floor thickness and build-up. In many cases, a heating mat or cable must be embedded within a thick layer of mortar prior to the tile being installed. This can cause significant build-up of the subfloor, creating awkward transitions between different flooring materials from room to room. With Ditra-Heat, no such buildup of the floor is required. Because the heating cable for Ditra-Heat is embedded within the uncoupling membrane, floor build-up is a thing of the past. At 1/4 inches thick, the Ditra-Heat system minimizes transitions to other flooring surfaces, such as carpeting.

One of the other huge benefits of Ditra Heat is the integrated uncoupling function of the membrane itself. According to Schluter Systems, their unique method of integrating an uncoupling layer into the tile assembly allows for in-plane movement of the substrate that does not transfer directly to the tile. In short, this means that the normal movements and stresses below the tile itself do not cause cracking.

We can also do some more interesting things with the Ditra Heat system. A heated floor is great, but what about a heated shower floor or bench? Contact Tremendous Renovations Inc. today to discuss how we can help implement a heated tile solution for your next remodeling project.

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