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Whole Home Remodeling In Durham Region: The Results Are Worth It!

Whole Home Interior Remodel

Whole Home Remodeling

A whole home renovation leaves homeowners with many different things to consider. Perhaps you're a homeowner and you've been living in your current house for many years, and have only made small improvements sporadically that have failed to make it the living space you truly desire. Or, you may have recently moved into a new home that is in need of a thorough update throughout. You may not have hired a company to perform a whole home interior renovation before, and you probably have a lot of questions about the process. Read on to find out more about how a whole home remodel or renovation can help modernize your home and help to create a more attractive and comfortable living space for you and your family.

Why Remodel Your Whole Home?

Many homeowners will chose to renovate or improve separate sections of their home over many years. Separately renovating kitchens, bathrooms, main rooms, and other spaces in your home can be advantageous from an initial cost standpoint, but you should also consider some of the downsides. Doing all of these renovations separately can actually cost more in a cumulative sense, and you lose the opportunity of leveraging an integrated design theme for your home. A big benefit of a whole home renovation is that you can work with your contractor to create a design theme that will flow throughout your home. This includes the trim package, paint work, flooring, custom cabinetry, lighting, and other fixtures that go into a renovation project. The collective effect of such a well planned design surely contributes to a superior result. Read on to find out more!

There are often times that call for big changes to a home. Every customer has a different set of circumstances which dictate the need for these changes, which makes every home renovation project unique. Where some clients may need to renovate to better accommodate the needs of a growing family, others may find that they need to make changes to their home in preparation for a sale down the road. Others may seek to remodel or improve an outdated residence that they've simply grown tired of. Whatever the case may be, Tremendous Renovations Inc. can certainly help.

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Advantages Of A Whole Home Remodel

Planning for the renovation project encompasses a wide range of considerations. Different features, designs, materials and layouts are all taken into account. As stated previously, one of the big advantages of a whole home renovation is that all of these ideas can be more fully considered in the context of delivering a more unified finished product. The ideal living space, having been planned for at the outset of the project is achieved through a careful and meticulous construction effort. This differs from the a-la-carte approach of renovating room by room, often with a long time span between each project, which may have perceived cost advantages to the homeowner, but which comes at the overall cost of better design integration, functionality, quality, and the elusive wow-factor that makes a home standout from the rest.

The one consideration that cannot be overemphasized when it comes to a whole home remodel is the overwhelmingly positive effect that a fully transformed living space tends to have on those who live inside the home. We love hearing from past customers of ours about how much they are enjoying their new living space and how a large renovation project can positively impact their life. People travel the world in search of unique and beautiful spaces to experience. Why not bring more of that uniqueness and beauty to your everyday life?

Think Of It As An Investment

We spend money on many things, sometimes far more than we should. Cars, electronics, jewelry, and other material goods can cost a fortune and yet when you think about it so many of these purchases depreciate rapidly in value. That new $75,000 dollar luxury vehicle looks great and may be fun to drive, but ten years from now it will likely only be worth a fraction of what you paid for it, and will probably cost more than you care to spend to keep it on the road in a state of good repair. Contrast that cost with a similar overall investment in a quality home renovation project and you'll quickly see that the long term value offered by such an expenditure quickly pays for itself. Not only will you get to enjoy your newly renovated space on a daily basis, but you'll also recoup money over time by way of energy savings through the use of modern plumbing and electrical fixtures, and other key improvements that will replace outdated and often poorly implemented builder grade products. Of course, another benefit of such an investment is the increase in value of your principal asset, which could be realized at some point in the future through the sale of your home. With the rapid growth of cities within Durham Region, a qualified renovation contractor can help to ensure that the job is done properly and adds value to your home.

Renovated living room

Customization Is King

You can have full control over the colour scheme, layout, and overall theme that you are trying to achieve. Personal tastes are much easier to implement in a total home makeover versus the room-by-room approach. As an example, a careful selection of colours and masterful application of paint can work wonders in creating a harmonious and welcoming presentation to a set of potential buyers. Never under estimate what a quality interior or exterior paint job can do to improve the curb appeal of your home and make it stand out from the rest!

Speaking of customization, you may be familiar with the saying that "The kitchen is the heart of the home". A stunning new kitchen can be the anchor of your new interior design by capitalizing on a wide array of modern building materials, all of which offer the opportunity to maximize your space in a number of ways. Moving beyond just the kitchen, cluttered and dysfunctional interior layouts can be rearranged to promote an effortless flow, while placement of windows and new light fixtures can be tailored to promote a more pleasing ambiance. It is highly likely that the layout and overall design of your current home was designed as a cookie-cutter model that the original builder could quickly and efficiently assemble, without regard for those special personal touches. Whether it's a new kitchen, bathroom, or whole home remodel, contact Tremendous Renovations today!

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