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More Design Ideas For Your Pickering Kitchen Renovation

A while ago we published an article suggesting a few design ideas for your kitchen renovation. Among them, we suggested that modern kitchen renovations ought to include features such as large format tiles, recessed LED lighting, and even fixtures like pot fillers, which make it easy to fill large pots on the stove with water for boiling.

However, there are always more suggestions to consider. The difference between a good and truly great kitchen remodel will always come down to those small details that really help to set things apart. These little changes will vary between homeowners, because everybody has different tastes and preferences. However, based on our experience, there are a number of things that everybody should consider before embarking on that big kitchen remodeling project.

Consider The Following:

Kitchen Renovation

1. Take The Upper Cabinets To The Ceiling

The upper cabinets should be brought to the ceiling for a number of great reasons. From a cosmetic standpoint, your kitchen will flat out look better. The top of the cabinetry can be visually connected to the ceiling with crown molding, or, it can simply butt up to the ceiling, depending on the style of your cabinetry. The absence of a large void above the top of the cabinetry also means less cleaning. Running your upper kitchen cabinets to the ceiling helps to create a hygienic cooking environment, because there won't be a place for dust and dirt to collect. If you currently have a kitchen with a space between the top of the cabinets and your ceiling, take a look up there - you'll probably be surprised by the amount of dirt you see.

Kitchen Without Island

2. An Island Isn't Always Necessary

An island can be a great design feature in a new kitchen, but only where square footage is in abundant supply. Getting caught up with design trends or what you see in a magazine may not work in your space. Many homeowners who have renovated their kitchens and added large islands to the floor plan have later regretted doing so, precisely because of the amount of space lost. In some cases, a large island can be more of a nuisance than anything else, creating problems with foot traffic flow and ease of use. If you are on the fence about adding an island in your next kitchen renovation, take some time to truly consider how this addition will impact your use of the space. Much of the time, what is accomplished with a large island can also be maintained with a peninsula layout style and separate kitchen table. A good renovation contractor and designer are critical here because they have the experience and understanding to better integrate your design ideas into that bright new kitchen. Sometimes an island seems like a good idea on paper, but turns out to be far from functional in reality.

Cleaning Products

3. A Dedicated Broom Closet And Garbage Storage Is A Must

People hate seeing a garbage bin in a kitchen! This has been overlooked so many times before and it would be wrong to not mention the need for hidden and discrete storage for your broom, cleaners, and garbage container(s). A pull out drawer which stores small containers for garbage and recycling bags make it much easier to keep your kitchen in a clean and orderly state, and you will absolutely love not seeing that broom leaning up next to your cabinets, or that garbage container out in the open.

Tiled Kitchen Floor

4. Do Not Install A Brand New Kitchen Over An Old Floor

It is often heard said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is true. Within the kitchen, the floor itself plays a role just as important as the cabinetry. Many times to save money, homeowners will redo a kitchen and install expensive new cabinets, countertops, and appliances over a very old floor. If you have existing hardwood in your kitchen, why not have it refinished before installing the new cabinetry? Refinishing old hardwood is an important step in any renovation because this is much easier to do prior to installing the cabinets (avoiding potential damage) and gives you the opportunity to try new stain colours and finishes. If you have an old tile floor, you really should have it removed first so that it can be redone. We've lost count of how many times homeowners have invested in new cabinetry only to be installed over an outdated tile floor that is in poor condition. Take the time to consider your options here, as budgeting for flooring replacement as a part of your kitchen remodel will surely save you money rather than deciding to redo it after the fact.

Sconce Lighting

5. Proper Lighting Is A Necessity

Nobody likes a poorly lit living space. With the available selection of bright, energy efficient fixtures there's no excuse for your new kitchen to not be well lit. Under cabinet LED lighting is a must, and it will make your new countertops and backsplash really pop. Indirect lighting helps to create ambient illumination and is a nice option when glaring, direct light may not be required. You'd be surprised at how the implementation of a proper lighting setup can dramatically improve your new kitchen. Why wouldn't you want your beautiful new countertops, cabinetry, and flooring to be perfectly highlighted?

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