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Homeowner Alert: Pickering Basement Finishing And Renovations Can Have Huge Benefits

Basement Design Plans

Reasons To Stop Putting Off Your Basement Renovation

An unfinished basement represents a number of positive opportunities that homeowners can (and should) take advantage of. The first opportunity is going to be to expand the usable living space in your home. If you live anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, then you know how expensive housing is. The price of housing can put certain aspirations on hold. For example, you may have a young family in need of more space, but, a larger home may not be within the realm of financial reality. This is where you can take advantage of undeveloped basement space to meet an urgent need.

The endeavor of finishing a basement is an exciting one, and allows you to enhance your home in more than just one way. Modern building products can make a basement a very comfortable and practical living space to be enjoyed by the entire family. A properly finished basement that is well insulated and built will lower home heating and cooling costs while providing a comfy entertainment area.

Read on to find out more about how a well designed finished basement can benefit you and your family.

Home Office

A Guest Bedroom Or Home Office

Even if you don't regularly host extended family or guests, having an extra bedroom is never a bad idea. Integrating a generously sized guest room into your new basement floorplan can give your family members another place to use as personal space. You could also design a home office which would be convenient for a telecommuter or businessperson. Studies show that having a clean, comfortable, and purpose built place to work increases productivity significantly.

Home Theater

A Home Theater

A new basement can include an entertainment room with a dedicated home theater. When you are finishing a basement from scratch you can easily conceal wires, speakers, electrical equipment and even a video projector. Lighting and sound are definitely important features of a home theater, and a purpose built theater room could allow you to beautifully integrate these features from the ground up. Given that a basement tends to be the most quiet and dark place within the home itself, it is naturally a great location for a theater by virtue of these attributes.

An Extra Bathroom

The convenience of a basement bathroom on its own is well worth considering. A basement bathroom can be simple and functional, or you can take it to the next level and design a complete spa bathroom.


A Great Investment Opportunity

Done correctly, a finished basement represents outstanding value. All of the time you and your family will spend will be Whether or not you plan to sell the house at some point down the road, it is nice to have the peace of mind that the value of your property is maximized.

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